Dale Bailey shot by Ellen Datlow

photograph by Ellen Datlow

If you’ve wound up here in my little corner of the web, it’s probably because you’re interested in speculative fiction. My work includes science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror.

My latest publications include the novel In the Night Wood (2018); a collection of short stories, The End of the End of Everything (2015); and a novel, The Subterranean Season (2015). Other publications include three previous novels, Sleeping Policemen (2006—with Jack Slay, Jr.), House of Bones (2003), and The Fallen (2002), and a second collection of short fiction, The Resurrection Man’s Legacy and Other Stories (2003).

One of the abiding disappointments of my life is that I’ve never had any of the interesting jobs that writers are supposed to have. I was never a gandy dancer or a stevedore. I never drove an ambulance on the Italian Front. I just went to school to study literature and started writing stories.

I was born in West Virginia in 1968, and grew up in a town called Princeton. My stories have appeared in lots of places. A few of them have been nominated for awards and one of them, “Death and Suffrage” was adapted for Showtime anthology series Masters of Horror.

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